My plan is to start producing essentially all of my own food on my two acre property by August 2011. I’ll be the only one in my family of four to subsist on this backyard diet but I’m sure my wife and two children will be getting a fair percentage of their calories this way as well. The idea will be to go as many months as possible without purchasing any food items except for the basics listed below. I’m going to plan on trying to go for an entire year but of course I’ll be at the mercy of many things that will be somewhat out of my control such as the weather and predators. Via this blog I’ll be documenting the planning and preperations that will get me to the August 2011 kickoff and then continue with updates throughout the year while I attempt to live of my little piece of land near Seattle.

Salt, pepper, olive oil, lemons, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and nutmeg.


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